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How to Encourage Your Toddler’s Language Development

By September 22, 2018March 9th, 2020Parent Resources

There are simple ways to encourage your toddler’s language development.

  1. Play Pretend

Pretend play is closely linked to language development because it promotes symbolism. Encourage simple schemas at a young age (e.g. answering a phone) and more complex schemas as they get older (e.g. cooking, eating, and cleaning up after a meal).

  1. Sing Songs

Children’s songs are simple and repetitive, which help children engage. While singing, be sure to pause and allow the child to “sing” in the blank.

  1. Rephrase

Model correct language without requiring the child to repeat. If your child says, “Them running!” model, “You’re right! They are running!” The child will benefit from hearing the correct model.

  1. Expand

Expand on your child’s language. If your child says, “Truck!” you can say, “Yes, it’s a big truck!” or, “The truck is driving.” Expanding on your child’s language encourages language growth in your child.

  1. Take Turns

Taking turns in non-verbal situations encourages turn taking in social communication. Rolling a ball back and forth, taking turns putting shapes in a shape sorter, building with blocks, and playing peek-a-boo can all encourage turn taking.

  1. Reading

Reading with your child exposes the child to new vocabulary and grammatical structures. The extent that a parent reads to a child is a predictor of the child’s vocabulary.

If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development, contact a speech language pathologist for a formal evaluation. You can schedule an evaluation with OWL Pediatric Therapy LLC by calling: (978) 496-8313

Download our infograph here! Encourage language development